Google Tag Manager Tutorial 2017 (COMPLETE GUIDE)

Google Tag Manager Tutorial 2017. Learn Google Tag Manager By Example.

Learn to use Google Tag Manager from an industry professional with this two part in-depth tutorial filmed in glorious high definition.

Watch full screen recordings as each section of the interface is explained, and then tags implemented as if working on a real-life website.




Part 1 gets you up to speed on the basics fast. This part is available to watch for free on YouTube (here), but you’ll get the full HD video included along with part 2 when you purchase this product.

  • Creating an account (2:34)
  • Implementing the container (3:45)
  • Interface overview & basic terminology (6:18)
  • User management (11:31)
  • Implementing Google Analytics (13:00)
  • Debugging (17:13)
  • Tracking outbound link (19:41)
  • Auto-Event tracking (21:05)
  • Debugging with Real-Time reports (29:06)
  • Tracking form submissions (29:54)
  • Tracking file downloads (38:14)
  • Folders (39:59)
  • Publishing (42:15)
  • Managing workspaces (44:19)
  • Merging workspaces (47:43)
  • Environments (49:37)
  • Publishing to environments (54:42)
  • What’s in part 2 (59:44)


Part 2 expands on your knowledge and will show you more advanced uses of GTM. It covers:

  • Scraping data into variables
  • Custom tags
  • Facebook Pixel implementation
  • Data Layer overview
  • Inspecting the Data Layer
  • Picking variables up from the Data Layer
  • Tracking ecommerce transactions
  • Implementing custom events
  • Form field drop-off tracking
  • Basic scroll tracking
  • Advanced scroll tracking

Part 2 is a paid for product, available for instant download here (you also get part 1 and the final GTM container built in the tutorial for importing and checking your work):

Ed Brocklebank (aka Metric Mogul) is an analytics and digital marketing consultant. He helps business of all sizes become more data-driven through measurement, strategy and activation. He works as a Strategic Analytics Director at Jellyfish in London, as well as delivering training on behalf of Google and formerly General Assembly.