Experienced Google Analytics Consultant

12+ years experience. London based. Successful projects with big name brands.

Having a Google Analytics Consultant at the end of the phone can help your business unleash the full potential of your web analytics tool. You may already be missing out on some key insights which could increase your conversion rate and boost sales.

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A Google Analytics Consultant can:

  • Perform an evaluation of your account to ensure it is tracking accurate and reliable data.
  • Advice on and set up Google Tag Manager to empower your marketers.
  • Improve your AdWords and DoubleClick ROIs by helping you segment customersand prospects within Google Analytics and remarket to them via paid search.
  • Help you understand which marketing channels are performing well and how your marketing spend should be allocated across them
  • Help you decide whether to upgrade to Google Analytics Premium, the paid for version of Google Analytics with extra features.
  • Help you design your implementation to be robust, scalable and complete.
  • Import first party CMS data (such as Customer Lifetime Value) into Google Analytics so you can segment your customers by your own data.
  • Match together web and offline data.
  • Understand how to use the Google Analytics API to streamline your business reporting.
  • Design actionable dashboards that actually get used.
  • Run Google Analytics training to members of your organisation on how to use Google Analytics to its full potential.

Why Me?

Metric Mogul has worked with some of the UK’s leading brands (including Betfair, Blinkbox, UK Flooring Direct, Holland & Barrett, Rackspace and Camelot) both in London and further afield to deliver web analytics implementations, solution designs, training, reporting and data analysis and can help your business too.

I don’t just implement standard Google Analytics. We work together with you to understand your business requirements and then tailor everything around you.

Contact me today for more information on how we can work together to utilise the data, and to take action that engages consumers, drives acquisition and keeps customers returning.

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