Dashboards and Data Visualisation

Merge multiple data sources and eliminate noise to make information readily available and visible to everyone. Become more data-driven as a business in order to achieve your goals faster.

KPI Dashboards

A luxury holiday villa rental website wanted their key business metrics displayed on a TV in the office.

After a period of consulting to define the metrics, work began to build a dashboard which would update every 30 minutes, pulling data from multiple sources, including Facebook, AdWords, SalesForce and Google Analytics.

The image below shows the main dashboard produced, accessible on a TV screen, in a web browser or within an iPhone app.

At a glance it informs the business owners of how they are performing comparing to the previous 30 day period or year, allowing them to take action to rectify problems and ensure targets are hit.

kpi dashboard

Customer Acquisition Dashboards

A financial technology startup wanted to monitor customer acquisition as well as what those customers did within the web application post registration.

After an initial consultation to define what should be measured, the first step was to upgrade and configure Google Analytics to collect relevant data.

Next, the dashboard was designed and agreed. Finally the dashboard was built, automatically pulling data from Google Analytics to display logins, password resets, number of logged in sessions, which channels were generating signups, and which site sections customers found useful.

The data could be used to restructure navigation, prioritise which features to implement next, and dictate marketing channel budgets.

Customer Acquisition Dashboard

AdWords Keyword by City Visualisation

More for fun that anything, this visualisation for an online flooring retailer plots AdWords keywords being bid on alongside which UK city the person who clicked searched for the keyword came from. The idea was to identify any regional terminology, which could in turn be used to optimise paid search campaigns.

The cluster in the top right centres around London, which attracted the most searches on any given day.

AdWords City Keyword Visualisation