Automate Google Analytics Data Enrichment For Audience Building (GOOGLE TENTACLES WALKTHROUGH)

Automate Google Analytics Data Enrichment For Audience Building (GOOGLE TENTACLES WALKTHROUGH)


As you progress your Google Analytics skills, you’ll probably want to start building complex audiences to retarget people via Google Ads, Optimize 360 or Display & Video 360. In this video I’m going to show you a way to automate the process of ingesting non-standard user attributes into GA simply by dragging a data file into a Google Cloud Storage bucket, saving you tons of effort.

In this example let’s pretend we are a fashion retailer with a wide range of products. Our data science team has taken all the customer data they have, including online and offline store sales data and built a statistical model to predict how likely someone is to purchase shoes within the next 7 days, classifying them as Low, Medium or High.

They recalculate these classifications every week, and the marketing team want this information within Google Analytics in order to build three audiences to see how each responds to different creative within the Google Display Network and Google Search.

It’s our task to automate this process so it runs flawlessly.

Here’s what we are going to do:

Step 1: Set up GA to track which segment someone is in, and build the audiences.
Step 2: Create a folder on Google Cloud Storage where the data science team will output the results of their segmentation each week.
Step 3: Use a combination of Cloud Functions and Pub/Sub to recognise when a new file is placed into the folder, read it, and send the data to Google Analytics via the Measurement Protocol.

If all this sounds scary, fear not.

The clever engineers at Google have already developed an unofficial set of scripts known as Google Tentacles to solve this very problem.

Let’s dive right in and get this all set up.

Ed Brocklebank (aka Metric Mogul) is an analytics and digital marketing consultant. He helps business of all sizes become more data-driven through measurement, strategy and activation. He works as a Strategic Analytics Director at Jellyfish in London, as well as delivering training on behalf of Google and formerly General Assembly.