5 Ways to Spot the Best Google Analytics Training Course

If you’re reading this, you probably already know Google Analytics is a fantastic tool. When used properly, the data you collect provides actionable insights which will allow you to make the right marketing decisions for your business to succeed. A Google Analytics training course can provide you with the skills to make the most of Google Analytics and your data. However, it’s important you choose the right course for you. Here, I explain why our Google Analytics Training Course has such successful results.

Shouldn’t just run through the left hand side of GA

Google Analytics is pretty straight forward. No wait, I’m being serious! I’m not saying it’s super easy to use, but it is set out in a logical formula. It’s therefore really not necessary for us to take you through, step by step, the left hand side of Google Analytics.

Instead when looking for a Google Analytics training course, it’s important you make sure your trainer will teach you the things you really need to know.

At Metric Mogul we guide you through how to best set up your Google Analytics account, the best filters and goals to set up and how to structure your accounts, properties and views. We will then show you the best ways of tracking your users, and the best reports for doing so. That’s way more useful than a course which just takes you through all the reports in Google Analytics in descending order.

Should be practical/ hands-on

We all know the best way to learn is through actually going through the process of something. That’s why our Google Analytics Training course involves practical, hands-on activities. We believe activities such as this are the best way of ensuring you really understand how to configure and utilise all of the best features Google Analytics has to offer.

On our Google Analytics training course you will gain practical experience of how to set up Google Analytics, and the best features it has to offer.

Should be a small group

Everyone learns better in smaller groups. This is definitely true of Google Analytics. Our small group training means each member will get the opportunity to ask all of the questions they have about the best set up for them, getting actionable insights from their data and ecommerce tracking.

Should teach participants how to analyse

It’s all very well understanding how to collect data in Google Analytics, but there’s very little point of having loads of data if you’ve got no idea how to interpret it. On Metric Mogul’s practical GA training course you will leave with practical analysis tips from an industry expert.

Should be expert- led

This one isn’t really fair because pretty much all Google Analytics training courses are going to be led by an expert. However, our training course is no exception and our course leader has over 9 years of industry experience. Read more about our expert trainer here. Our course also provides the opportunity for continuous support. So if you have any burning questions after the course, they won’t go unanswered.

To conclude

  • A Google Analytics Training course can provide you with the skills you need to make the most of this fantastic tool.
  • Our practical, hands- on course is targeted to ensure all members go from beginner to expert in Google Analytics.

If you want to know more about the course, or have any other questions please do get in touch.

Ed Brocklebank (aka Metric Mogul) is an analytics and digital marketing consultant. He helps business of all sizes become more data-driven through measurement, strategy and activation. He works as a Strategic Analytics Director at Jellyfish in London, as well as delivering training on behalf of Google and formerly General Assembly.