5 Mistakes Which Prove You Need Google Analytics Consultants

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool. When used correctly, with the help of Google Analytics consultants it can allow you to make data led decisions which will allow your business to flourish.

However, too many businesses are not making the most of Google Analytics. We all know how important it is to collect and analyse data about our users, and then make decisions based on this data, making this a grave error. This article will outline some of the mistakes which could suggest that it is time for you to invest in Google Analytics consultants for your business today.

Not using e-commerce tracking

If you are an e-commerce site and you are not using e-commerce tracking, you really are missing a trick. E-commerce tracking is essential so that you can track all of your transactions and make the right decisions for your future marketing and merchandising decisions. Even more useful is Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce which can track so much more. Enhanced E-commerce will let you see what products are seen, added to your cart and how your internal banner ads are performing.

E-commerce tracking can also help you create amazing behavioural email campaigns. Imagine how useful it would be to be able to send your customers targeted emails after they abandon their carts. It is also possible to use e-commerce tracking to create amazing social retargeting campaigns, perhaps suggesting similar items to what customers have been looking at.

Good Google Analytics consultants will be able to help you with an optimal e-commerce set up taking into account all of your business goals.

Your data doesn’t seem correct

If you think the data in your Google Analytics account is inaccurate then it is definitely time to consider Google Analytics Consultants. For example, perhaps you’ve got more conversions recorded in Google Analytics for a newsletter than you got sign-ups in real life. There is a whole host of reasons why data in Google Analytics could be inaccurate, and it’s most likely due to your set up.

Google Analytics consultants will be able improve the accuracy of your data.

No goals set up

It’s really important to set up goals in Google Analytics, doing this will provide you with crucial conversion data. This will allow you to make fully informed decisions about how your marketing strategies are set up. There are four types of goals; destination goals, duration goals, number of page goals and goals based on an event.

Setting up goals also gives you the ability to set up goal funnels (on destination goals). The goal flow report, found in the conversion section of Google Analytics, allows you to visualise the process that customers take towards reaching your goals.

In the report box, nodes represent one of each of your funnel steps for your goal. The final node represents the goal. By clicking on any of the nodes you can see the percentage of people who dropped out of the funnel at that point. This will indicate which parts of your site might need improving.

Setting up goals also gives you access to multi-channel funnel reports (as does setting up e-commerce tracking) Multi-channel reports, found in the conversions section of Google Analytics, are useful for understanding assist interactions. These are interactions with your sites which do not come directly before conversion, but still assist the process. This allows you to understand how your marketing activities work together.

Google Analytics consultants will be able to help you set up the best goals for your business.

No event tracking

Event tracking is a really useful feature of Google Analytics. Google Analytics consultants are able to set up events in your account to ensure you collect the data you need to understand your digital performance. You can track things like video plays, downloads, and even scrolling to a certain point on a page.

Events are split into categories e.g. video interactions, and can be as specific or broad as your content requires. You can also set a value for your event, which allows you to measure the benefit of actions which have no immediately obvious monetary value.

The events report also allows you to track site searches. By looking at what people search for, you can identify missing or hidden content on your site. You can also discover if people are searching for several things, one after another, suggesting that something on your site is difficult to find.

You don’t use the data you collect to make data-led decisions

There’s very little point in having Google Analytics set up on your site if you are not using the data you collect to its full potential. Google Analytics consultants will be able to provide optimising and digital marketing coaching to help you generate leads and increase conversions. They will be able to ascertain your key business goals allowing them to give the best advice to help digital growth.

Here at Metric Mogul we provide insight reports, digital optimisation advice and also conversion rate optimisation advice.


Not enough people are making the most of Google Analytics and all of the amazing features it has to offer. If you are making any of the above Google Analytics mistakes it is a good idea to invest in Google Analytics consultants for your business today.

Ed Brocklebank (aka Metric Mogul) is an analytics and digital marketing consultant. He helps business of all sizes become more data-driven through measurement, strategy and activation. He works as a Strategic Analytics Director at Jellyfish in London, as well as delivering training on behalf of Google and formerly General Assembly.