10 Great Digital Marketing Articles from December

Below is a selection of digital marketing articles with fascinating takes on the digital marketing world, great tips, and predictions for 2016.

How Personalization Made Email Marketing Cool Again

In How Personalization Made Email Marketing Cool Again, Alyssa Nahatis, Director of Deliverability for Adobe, outlines how email marketing became cool again.

She believes the popularity of new digital marketing techniques is deserved, but the marketing power of the email should not be underestimated.

The reason why emails are in vogue again?

Emails can now be sent with specific messages thanks to clever personalisation tools. For example, a brand can send their customers emails with offers specific to what they like online. The more relevant an email to the customer, the more likely it is to succeed.

How Facial-Recognition Software Will Shape the Future of Email

In How Facial-Recognition Software Will Shape the Future of Email Marketing, Jason Warnock, vice president of Yesmail Interactive, argues facial- recognition software will shape email marketing’s future.

Whether or not you think the sci-fi realm of facial recognition technology will take off, the potential benefits for marketers would be huge. Jason believes the technology could overcome the in-store shopping problem, as it could map people’s in-store purchases. Marketers could therefore make their approach more targeted.

5 Ways to Leverage Your Customer Base with Personalized CRM

In 5 Ways to Leverage Your Customer Base with Personalised CRM, Sam Makad, marketing consultant at Skyward Techno, promotes the use of personalised customer relationship management. He provides 5 useful techniques; segmentation of the customer base, loyalty programs, personalised marketing, effective email marketing and analytics for deeper customer understanding.

With Sam’s article we see the importance of targeting in marketing. It is becoming increasingly difficult to drive leads and sales without personalising your approach. By understanding your audience with excellent analytics and approaching them with relevant offers and information, your business’s marketing strategy is far more likely to succeed.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s UX in 2016

In 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Website’s UX in 2016, Larry Alton recommends your page loading time is short, you enhance your site security and that your design is sleek. This will help you retain visitors to your site.

Indeed, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of your website’s user experience. As consumers become more impatient it is essential your site gives them exactly what they want, and quickly.

As Larry points out, a bad website will only reflect badly on your brand.

How to Use Data to Create More Relevant Content

Rob LonsHow to Use Data to Create More Relevant Content is a guide to using data to create blog content and provides some great actionable tips. He recommends using tools such as BuzzSumo, AdWords and even Google searches to easily generate keywords you should be targeting.

These keywords will allow you to generate blog ideas in a fraction of the time. Rob also suggests creating a spreadsheet of your ideas to easily visualise your strategy and hit your goals.

Values of Traditional Marketing That Digital Should Not Ignore

In Values of Traditional Marketing That Digital Should Not Ignore, Anna Rodriguez makes the important point we should not be ignoring traditional marketing activities. Although it is true digital marketing techniques can prove highly successful, traditional techniques should not be thrown out of the window.

Anna points out that the core principles of traditional marketing still ring true, for example ensuring brand identity or appealing to the emotions.

Digital marketers should never underestimate the importance of traditional marketing. In Anna’s words, “it will continue to withstand the test of time.”

17 E-commerce Conversion Boosters

In 17 E-commerce Conversion Boosters, an infographic rather than an article, Robert Allen gives some excellent and easily digestible advice on e-commerce conversion boosting.

His sensible recommendations include employing a sense of urgency, customer product reviews, trust seals and other data proven ways to promote conversion.

8 Fascinating Studies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

In 8 Fascinating Studies Every Entrepreneur Should Know, Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr magazine, talks about the importance of researching human behaviour in marketing.

In one interesting case study from Harvard University, it was found people were far more likely to do something if a reason was given. Apply this, and other aspects of human behaviour to marketing strategy and a campaign is far more likely to succeed.

ICF Interactive’s 10 for ’16

Get Elastic gives us Fred Faulkner’s 2016 predictions for e-commerce, digital transformation and customer experience management in ICF Interactive’s 10 for ’16.

The Marketing Director at ICF Interactive imagines we will start to see more human interactions in the buying process. He also believes the buying process will be speedier and we will see the introduction of more meaningful loyalty programmes. He even suggests 2016 could be the year luxury experiences overtake the all-in-one convenience store.

Many of his predications come down to an increasingly personalised and human experience, an idea being repeated across marketing predictions for 2016.

How to Create a Clear Data Strategy for your Business

In How to Create a Clear Data Strategy for your Business, Mark Patron clearly outlines the benefits of a clear data strategy and how to create one.

The benefits of having a clear data strategy include the possibility of creating a more targeted approach, multi-channel co-ordination and media attribution. In order to collect this essential data, Mark outlines the necessary steps. The data should be collected and cleansed, it must be safely stored, and it must be analysed in accordance with key performance indicators.

Mark finishes the article with some key performance questions businesses must ask themselves about their data strategy. These important questions are essential so your business can understand its data goals, why they are important and how to achieve them.

To Conclude

These articles contain a mix of useful tips, exciting predictions and interesting marketing information. The key idea to emerge from many of them is the necessity and growing importance of personalisation. It is no longer good enough to have a one size fits all approach. Instead businesses which wish to succeed must endeavour to fully understand their customers and apply this knowledge to their marketing strategy.


Ed Brocklebank (aka Metric Mogul) is an analytics and digital marketing consultant. He helps business of all sizes become more data-driven through measurement, strategy and activation. He works as a Strategic Analytics Director at Jellyfish in London, as well as delivering training on behalf of Google and formerly General Assembly.